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Many Professional Conference Organizers (PCO’s) concentrate on delivering the administrative and organisational support that a conference requires.  However, at Standout Ventures Ltd, our philosophy is much wider.  We believe that a conference should be strategy-driven.  We appreciate that many conferences have a tried and tested formula which they like to follow, but we always try to bring new ideas to the table which have worked well for our other international conferences.  We examine the potential for increasing the number of delegates, exhibitors and sponsors and look at ways of offering better value for all participants and stakeholders.  In the current economic climate, we believe it is this approach which ensures that every project we manage makes a healthy financial return.

We are focused on the budget and appreciate the importance of association conferences to be self-financing, relying solely on income from delegate fees and exhibition/sponsorship.  Cost effective income management, accurate financial reporting and full transparency using state-of-the art software are among our core values.

We work closely with exhibitors and sponsors and make sure that they are treated professionally and that their marketing aims are met.  We work in partnership with our clients to understand the vision and aims of the conference and to reach target outcomes agreed upon at the outset.

We have robust strategies in place for when world events threaten to disrupt a conference – ranging from ash clouds to potential swine flu pandemics and major security alerts.


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