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  |   Association Meetings, Corporate Meetings, International Meetings, Medical Associations   |   No comment

International Meetings Standout Ventures provides extensive services for International Meetings, Conferences and Congresses in India with global participation. We bring together abundance of knowledge, latest technology and effective communication to ensure excellence. We deliver to outperform and add value to make every event a successful experience. Association...

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  |   Poster Sessions   |   No comment

In our opinion the poster sessions are as important as the oral sessions and there should be sufficient time in the programme to ensure delegates have the opportunity to view them and meet with the authors.  We often arrange dedicated poster sessions which are led...

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  |   Abstract Submission   |   No comment

We offer a simple, but sophisticated electronic abstract submission system which is password protected.  This allows authors to amend their abstracts up to the deadline date and reviewers can access the system at any point to begin reviewing papers.  Authors receive instant confirmation that their...

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  |   Financial Management   |   No comment

Initially for any conference, we assist the Local Organizing Committee with drawing up a detailed budget for the conference.  We will make sure the venue is offering the best financial package in terms of meeting space and delegate catering and we will negotiate with the...

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  |   Exhibitions and Contract Signage   |   No comment

You may also wish to consider using videos on your website to carry pre-conference interviews with keynote speakers.  As well as raising the profile of the conference and making it stand out from the competition, it also helps to begin the debate on hot topics...

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