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Association Management

About This Project

Our Philosophy

With an ever increasing necessity for associations to both retain and grow their existing membership, it’s essential to understand what the members want, build relationships with them, adopt mechanisms with them and address their requirements efficiently and effectively.

We understand that not-for profit organizations often have very restricted budgets and that the membership fees are primarily used to benefit the members and not third parties.
Outline of Membership Services

We provide full or partial support services which include:

Executive Services


  • Act as the central point of contact for the Association
  • Manage all membership enquiries
  • Manage event enquiries from delegates and members
  • Advertising
  • Secretarial support to Committee Members
  • Handle negotiations with suppliers
  • Liaison with industry representatives and sponsors
  • Liaise with Companies House and Charities Commission as required
  • Full management and development of the Association website


Membership Services


As a basic package, we can gather information at both an organizational level (for corporate memberships) and at a personal level (for individual memberships) and provide the flexibility for the society to be able to capture generic information, such as:

  • Address information
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses and communication preferences – allowing for opt-in information to be captured for different channels and different publications or data content

We can collect this information – either by data import, direct data entry or by paper applications

Should you wish to expand the database, we can also gather, more specific data relating to the member profile and interests specific to your societies area of expertise such as:

  • Qualification attainment
  • Training courses and event attendance
  • Membership subscription history
  • Website access history
  • Purchasing and payment histories
  • Other related membership interaction details


Financial Management

  • Establishment of accounts if required
  • Secure online payment facilities
  • Collect annual subscriptions and process new memberships
  • Provide monthly reports of income and expenditure


Association Website

We will design and manage a membership website, this will feature:

  • Historical information on the society and its constitution
  • Committee Membership and biographical and photos of key office holders
  • Aims and objectives and the ‘five year plan’
  • Information on terms of office and procedures for nominations/voting
  • Archive of past conferences, abstracts and programmes
  • Links to current/future conferences
  • Link to on-line membership payment/renewal pages


Other optional features could include:

  • Videos/powerpoint presentations from past conferences (password restricted to delegates who paid to attend the event)
  • Buy-in option for members who could not attend the conference but who wish to purchase the online video
  • Blogs/chat rooms for members to exchange views